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Food and Drink

Your cabin is a calm, secluded retreat from civilization. But it’s only minutes away from dozens of great places to eat and drink. Here are a few of our favorites, organized by city.

Restaurant Address City Map Phone Link Cuisine
Starved Rock Lodge Restaurant 2668 East 873 Road Oglesby Map 815-667-4211 Link American, Steakhouse, Elegant, Casual
Rolando’s Supper Club 212 E Vine Street Hennepin Map 815-925-7211 American, Steakhouse, Supper Club
Brandy’s Fine Food & Cocktails 1519 Water Street Peru Map 815-220-1744 Link American, Steakhouse, Casual
Ripp’s Tavern 311 N Main (IL 89) Ladd Map 815-894-3051 Link American, Casual
John’s North Star Inn 1840 St. Vincent’s Avenue LaSalle Map 815-224-2271 Link American
Lil Bellas Pizza 814 1st Street LaSalle Map 815-220-1410 Link American, Italian, Casual
Monari’s 101 101 1st Street LaSalle Map 815-223-0101 Link American, Casual
Senica’s Oak Ridge Golf Club Route 6, (1 miles west of Rt 178) LaSalle Map (815) 223-7273 Link American, Casual
9th Street Pub 253 9th Street LaSalle Map 815-223-8960 Link American, Casual
Uptown Grill 601 1st Street LaSalle Map 815-224-4545 Link American, Casual
Buffalo Wild Wings 2807 Plaza Drive LaSalle Map 815-416-0048 American, Casual, Chain
Fajita’s Mexican Restaurant 254 3rd Street LaSalle Map 815-224-3020 Link Mexican, Casual
Bartley’s Supper Club 414 First Street LaSalle Map 815-224-4689 Link American, Supper Club
Coal Miner’s Cafe 100 E Hennepin Street Mark Map 815-339-2210 American, Casual
Annie’s Hide-a-Way 323 Railroad Avenue Ottawa Map 815-433-9686 American, Italian
Casa Mia Lounge and Restaurant 219 18th Avenue Naplate Map 815-434-0758 American, Steakhouse, Italian, Mexican
Cedar Creek Ranch Horseback Riding 249 SR-71 Oglesby Map 815-481-3337 Link American, Casual
Garzanelli’s Supper Club 750 N Columbia Avenue Oglesby Map 815-883-8633 American, Supper Club
MJ’s Pub & Grill 139 E Walnut Street Oglesby Map (815) 883-9782 Link American, Casual
The Rootbeer Stand 225 N Columbia Avenue Oglesby Map 815-883-9254 American, Casual
Oriental Kitchen 146 E Walnut Street Oglesby Map 815-883-7000 Asian, Casual
Bianchi’s Pizza 607 LaSalle Street Ottawa Map 815-434-6884 American, Italian, Casual
Cheese Shoppe & Deli 1219 Fulton Street Ottawa Map 815-433-0478 Link American, Casual, Other
Cracker Barrel 4119 Columbus Street (IL 23) Ottawa Map 815-431-9779 Link American, Casual, Chain
Hank’s Farm Restaurant 2973 North State Route 71 (IL 71 between US 6 and I-80) Ottawa Map 815-433-2540 American, Casual
Hi-Way Restaurant 210 Norris Drive (US 6) Ottawa Map 815-431-9431 American, Casual
Jardine’s Mexican Restaurant 711 LaSalle Street Ottawa Map 815-434-2833 Link Mexican, Casual
Monte’s Riverside 903 East Norris Drive (US 6) Ottawa Map 815-434-5000 Link American, Steakhouse, Italian, Casual
Row House 728 Columbus Street (IL 23) Ottawa Map 815-434-3171 Link American, Elegant, Casual, Other
Thai Cafe 610 Columbus Street (IL 23) Ottawa Map 815-431-8400 Asian, Carry Out
Woody’s Steak House 1321 N LaSalle Street Ottawa Map 815-433-2400 Link American, Steakhouse, Italian, Casual
R. Grotto Ristorante 710 LaSalle Street Ottawa Map 815-431-1100 Link American, Italian, Casual
Mr. J’s Hot Dogs and Gyros 323 Madison Street Ottawa Map 815-431-8888 Link American, Casual, Other, Carry Out
Sunfield Restaurant 2754 Columbus Street Ottawa Map 815-434-5500 Link Italian, Mexican, Casual
The Right Spice Supper Club 2102 4th Street Peru Map 815-223-9824 Link American, Supper Club
Liberty Restaurant 1131 Shooting Park Road Peru Map 815-224-3240 American, Casual
Amici’s Ristorante 612 4th St (US 6) Peru Map 815-220-1800 Link American, Supper Club, Elegant
House of Hunan 2718 4th Street (US 6) Peru Map 815-223-0969 Link Asian
The Igloo 2819 4th Street (US 6) Peru Map 815-223-0848 Link American
Lou’s LaGratto 3001 5th Street (west edge of Peru, just off US 6) Peru Map 815-223-3083 Link American, Italian, Casual
Mark Allen’s American Kitchen 1402 Peoria Street Peru Map 815-220-0642 Link American, Casual
Master Stir Fry 4241 Venture Drive Peru Map 815-223-8883 Asian, Casual
Peru Pizza House 1702 4th Street Peru Map 815-223-7408 Link Italian, Casual
Prime Quarter Steakhouse 250 Backbone Road Princeton Map 815-872-3500 Link American, Steakhouse, Casual, Chain
Capponi’s Italian Restaurant 302 N Main Street (IL 117) Toluca Map 815-452-2343 Link American, Italian, Casual
Mona’s Italian Restaurant 202 N Main Street Toluca Map 815-452-2303 Link American, Italian, Elegant, Casual
Casey’s General Store 306 S 1st Street (IL 251) Tonica Map 815-442-3277 Link American, Italian, Chain, Carry Out
Cajun Connection 897 E US 6 Utica Map 815-667-9855 Link American, Casual, Other
Canal Port Bar and Grill 148 Mill Street Utica Map 815-667-3010 Link American, Casual
Captain’s Cove Restaurant at Starved Rock Marina 1134 N 27th Road Utica Map 815-434-0081 Link American, Casual
Duffy’s Tavern and Grill 101 Mill Street Utica Map 815-667-4324 Link American, Casual, Other
Skoog’s Pub and Grill 155 Mill Street Utica Map 815-667-5800 Link American, Mexican, Casual

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