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Rates & Reservations

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Please review our lodging options and rates. When you find an option that’s right for you, you may make a reservation by clicking on “Reserve Today” or by calling us at 815-442-8453. I am only in the office weekdays from 9 AM – 4 PM so be sure to leave a message outside of those time frames and I will be sure to get back to you. Off season rates are from December 1st – March 31st, prime season rates are from April 1st – November 30th.

Due to the nature of our property and the type of getaway we are offering our guests, we do not do prom rentals or rent to spring break groups. If you are a party of friends looking for a getaway, we do not rent to groups of friends under the age of 28. That does not mean that 1 person in your group needs to be 28. We do not make exceptions to this rule so please do not bother to inquire.

2018/2019 Rates

Cabins Weekend
Prices reflect both nights 2-night minimum, Fri/Sat.
We do not break up the weekend.
7 nights for price of 6
Mother-In-Law or Bridge Off Season 246.50
Peak Season 290.00
Off Season 102.00
Peak Season 120.00
Off Season 654.50
Peak Season 770.00
Standard Whirlpool Cabin Off Season 297.50
Summer 350.00
Off Season 123.25
Peak Season 145.00
Off Season 790.50
Summer 930.00
The Trading Post Off Season 323.00
Peak Season 380.00
Off Season 131.75
Peak Season 155.00
Off Season 850.00
Peak Season 1,000.00
The Illini Off Season 391.00
Peak Season 460.00
Off Season 148.75
Peak Season 175.00
Off Season 986.00
Peak Season 1,160.00
Jack’s Cabin Off Season 382.50
Peak Season 450.00
Off Season 148.75
Peak Season 175.00
Off Season 977.50
Peak Season 1,150.00
Grandma’s Cabin Off Season 765.00
Peak Season 900.00
Off Season 382.50 per night*
Peak Season 450.00 per night*
Off Season 2,295.00
Peak Season 2,700.00

* Weeknight stays in Grandma’s Cabin require a two-night minimum visit. All Sunday night stays are now a 2-night minimum also and many times you will see multiple night minimums, especially on the family cabins during the summer months or busy times. Although we allow single night rentals during the week we do not want someone leaving single nights open on certain cabins. This is hard for us to acknowledge with our booking engine so please inquire with us if it appears you are leaving a single night open.

Other Terms and Conditions

Prices do not include tax (6% state and 5% county). Rates are subject to change without notice. We do not charge for children under 16. Please verify your reservation information. Special requests and cabin location preferences will be noted but not guaranteed.

A 50% deposit is required for booking all rentals. I will go into the reservations 21 days before your arrival date and take the remaining due from the card you put on file for any reservation that is for 3 nights or less. Grandma’s cabin will require a 90-day notice for cancellation before being fully responsible for entire stay. I will go into reservations for the Grandma’s cabin 90 days before your arrival date to take the remaining due from the card you put on file. If you are canceling more than 1 cabin or your stay is for 4 nights or more a 45-day notice will be required for cancellation before you are fully responsible for the entire stay. If we are refunding a deposit a $25.00 cancellation fee will be kept for each cabin rental that we must try to re-fill. If you are booking your stay within 21 days of your arrival date we will require full payment up front. Our online system will take 50% at the time of booking but the rest will be run on your card on file as soon as I am on the computer and see the reservation.

If you will be joining us for the weekend, please plan to enjoy your entire Saturday with us. We cannot accommodate check in or out on Saturday — if the system is giving you an error message it is either because there is no availability or you are attempting to arrive or depart on a Saturday.

Even if the system allows you to book it you will be contacted by us to change your dates. Always feel free to contact me in our offseason (Dec. – May) as I might make an exception. Usually not until right before the weekend though.

Check-in begins at 2 PM and ends at 5:00 PM from December 1st – March 15th and 4 PM – 5 PM from March 16th – November 30th. During school breaks and certain holidays, we are forced to push check-in start time to 4 PM due to how busy we get. Check out time is always 11:00 AM. I gladly set up self-check ins for anyone that cannot make it in by 6 PM. Prior notice must be given for these and you must speak with us.

We do have certain cabins that are dog-friendly. Please ask when making your reservation if we have a dog-friendly cabin available. 2 dogs maximum per cabin, they must be leashed at all times, we do not allow them on any furniture or on the beds and they cannot be outside barking. We also ask that you clean up after them while you are here. If you plan to leave them alone in the cabin we would ask that you crate them. A $15.00 plus tax per dog per night fee will apply.

Please read our full Rental Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

Holiday Requirements

Your check-in date can be different if you choose to add dates in front of these, these dates are simply the minimum.


We never allow check-­ins on Easter Sunday. You may combine it with a weekend stay if you call us directly to book.

Memorial Weekend
Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights are required and you must check in on Friday. Sunday will be the weekend rate.

Independence Day
July 4. See availability calendar for the minimums and keep in mind that we never do check ins or check outs on Saturdays. There may be additional nights required if it falls close to a weekend.

Labor Day
Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights are required and you must check in on Friday. Sunday will be the weekend rate.

Couple enjoying the outdoors

Columbus Weekend
Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights are required and you must check in on Friday. Sunday will be the weekend rate.

2018 requirement – Wednesday – Sunday, November 21, 22, 23 & 24th. 2019 requirement – Wednesday – Sunday, November 27, 28, 29 & 30th.

Remaining cabins that are open for Christmas 2017 have been broken to a 2-night minimum. Between Dec. 22-26 you must rent for 2 nights. Because I am breaking the weekend if you want any of those nights will be charged at the weekend rate. If checking in any of those dates other than Friday you would be set up as a self-check-in. Be sure to speak with me regarding the self-check-in process in advance.

New Years
Remaining cabins for New Years 2017 have been broken to the rental of either Dec. 29 & 30 or Dec. 31 & January 1st. All nights will be charged at the prime season rate.

Dog-Friendly Cabins

YOU MUST CALL TO DISCUSS DOG POLICIES BEFORE BOOKING A CABIN WITH A DOG. ONLY MOTHER­-IN­-LAW, ZONTA AND COMMANCHE CABINS ARE DOG-FRIENDLY. A $15.00 per night, per dog fee applies and it is a 2 dog maximum per cabin, no exceptions.


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