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At Kishauwau Country Cabins, we have been helping families and partners plan weekend getaways and romantic getaways throughout Illinois since 1986. This is the year that Ben and Ellen King first purchased Camp Ki-Shau-Wau from the Boyscout Council with plans to build beautiful cabin rentals and vacation house rentals in Illinois. Over the next 20 years, The Kings renovated 4 original cabins, built an additional 13 and added a koi pond to the property.

Kishauwau Cabins are still family owned and operated, with the King’s children running the day-to-day vacation rental business. Jamie and Terisa King and their children currently live right on the property and are always ready to lend a hand to a visitor or customer. Kishauwau Country Cabins have always been a year-round retreat for families and travelers who are seeking a peaceful, restful get-away in a natural setting.

We offer gorgeous, large family cabins that are perfect for a fun family weekend getaway. We also have rental luxury vacation cabins for partners who are planning a romantic getaway or are celebrating an anniversary. For travelers with pets, we have a few wonderful pet-friendly cabin rentals as well. We pride ourselves on providing each customer with the best vacation rental experience possible during his or her vacation.

Our largest cabin is ideal for private business gatherings, corporate team-building, baby showers or any other small event where a unique and quiet setting is desired. This cabin has a 60-inch smart-TV screen, wi-fi access (only for meetings) and sleeps up to 14 adults.

Ben and Ellen King

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